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Here are some of the FAQs that we receive from parents.


   What should I expect from the first lesson

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the lesson to give you time to get your child ready. 

  • An instructor will greet you upon arrival and let you know when your session starts.

  • Try to encourage your child to go to their class with the teacher. Try your best to be confident with them that their lesson will be fun and provide them essential skills. However if they seem unhappy or uneasy, you may view the facilities at any time prior to the commencement of your lessons.

  • The lessons will be 30 minutes long.


    How can I prepare my child for their first swimming lesson?

  • Talk to your child about their first lesson in advance of the class – explain that they are going to be in the water with the teacher and other children.
  • Discuss how much fun they will have in the pool.
  • It can be useful before the first lesson to arrive in time to view the previous lesson in action and allow your child a taster of what to expect.
  • If you would like to know the name of your child's teacher please email us and we can provide this information.


    How long is each swimming lesson?

All lessons last 30 minutes.

    What should I bring to swimming lessons for my child?

  • Swim Wear
  • Towel
  • Goggles (we have a selection of goggles your child can try if new to wearing goggles, for regular swimmers we advise bringing your on or purchasing a Zoggs Pair from reception)
  • Swimming cap or hair tied back for long hair. Swim caps also available for sale at Reception
  • Children Under four must wear one of our Splash About Happy Nappy Products. 
  • What should I bring to swimming lessons for myself?
  • You should bring appropriate swimwear and a towel. We do operate modesty policies as there may be times we ask for permission to photograph these sessions, appropriate swimwear should be worn to protect the integrity of the focus of these lessons. 
  •     What should I tell my child’s swimming instructor?
  • Please tell your child’s swimming instructor about any health problems that may affect your child in their lesson i.e. hearing, sight or mobility problems.
  • It is also useful for the swimming instructor to know about any additional needs your child may have. This can help the teacher cater the class better to your child.
  • Any concerns you may have about the lesson or your child’s swimming progress. Please remember that the teachers have back-to-back classes and may be unable to speak to you at the poolside. Please don’t hesitate to email your instructor or call us on 07702211891


    Do I have to enter the pool with my child?

For our Baby and Toddler Sessions children and parent are in the water together. It is only possible for one parent to be in the water with one child.

  How can I support my child with learning to swim?

  • Encourage them to enjoy their lessons – lessons should be fun as well as developing skills.
  • Try not to push your child too much – children do not all learn to swim at the same rate. Some children struggle with certain skills and it is important to ensure that a child is confident and ready to progress before they are pushed up to the next stage.
  • Watch your child’s lesson and enjoy seeing them progress – do not interrupt the class with your instructions. It is important that they learn to understand and respect the instructions being given to them by their teacher.
  • All children will receive a certificates and badges for free. Make sure your child knows that you are happy with their progress. Some levels are harder to achieve and it is important not to get disheartened if your child does not get the next award at the time you would like them to.



Yes our lessons run year round, not just in term time.  

    How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Every child is different. The rate at which your child learns to swim depends on a lot of different factors such as how old they are when they start and how often they swim out with lessons. If you would like any further advice on how to help your child’s swimming development please contact us.


   What qualifications do staff hold?

All Staff possess either an ASA or STA qualification. Including First Aid Training.

  Are all staff members of the Disclosure AND BARRING SERVICE

All staff are subject to enhanced DBS checks.

  What are the costs for swimming lessons?


          £14.00 Per Session charged regardless of attendance.


  Can I take photos of my child during their lesson?

Parents are only able to take photographs or videos of their children if they can adhere to and sign our photography register, this is in the interest of Child Protection requirements.  

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